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Dash Cams

Factory-direct pricing on dash Cams, Citishopdeals is the No.1 Dash Cam supplier to Australian drivers. Keep an expert eye on the road with the best dash cameras in Australia. Protect your family from lawyers know that when something happens, you’ll have a record of it. Consider the following when shopping for a dashboard camera: Some dash cameras come with a built-in LCD viewing screen. While this can be useful, it is also likely to increase the size of the unit. Most single lens dash cameras are powered through the cigarette lighter on your car so you can set it up with ease. Note, installation may require some cable management to keep your view unobstructed. Almost all cameras can be connected to a computer but know that some enable you to watch footage through a mobile app. For round the clock recording, be sure to opt for a dashboard camera with night time recording features. Dashcam technology is becoming more of a must-have in cars. Whether you own a transport company or you’re a parent that’s worried about what your kids get up to when they take the car, a dash camera starts recording as soon as the engine turns on. This means you can keep track of your employees or stay in touch with your loved one’s movements with ease. Insurance companies do not offer a discount on your policy if you have a dash camera. However, it can indirectly affect your premium, which in turn helps keep your car insurance rates down.
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