Samsung Da29-00020b Ice & Water Refrigerator Filter Pack of 10 for Samsung Fridge

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1. New water purification plant refrigerated water filter water replacement box with SAMSUNG as auxiliary carbon DA29-00020B 10 Unids/Lote D29-00020B refrigerated water filters can reduce the odor and odor of chlorine, sediments, oxides, lead, asbestos, etc. DA29-00020B filters help protect your refrigerator and ice cream from common water pollutants, provided there is a large amount of water and ice testing. Testing and certification to meet or exceed international NSF/ANSI 42, 53, D29-00020B standards to improve productivity.Solemn silence! DA29-00020B!Filter for water coolersCharacteristics: It provides clean water. It looks and tastes good. It uses revolutionary technology to filter water, most of the impurities, water will be filtered. Components that protect potential cores It does not remove fluorine and other minerals that may be useful for health. Impurity filter in water Designed to provide up to six months of service life or 300 gallons No quitar fluoruro Protect the components of you from potential sediment snow Model 35; D29-00020B Compatible with the following Samsung phone models: REFSVC... RF260BEAESR... RF260BEAEWW... RF261BEAESR... RF263BEAESR... RF263TEAESR... RF323TEDBSR... RF4267HABP... RF4267HAWP... RF4287HABP... RF4287HARS... RF428787HAWP... RF23J9011SR/AA

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